‘Expel them’: Poilievre responds to revelations about Iranian interference in Canada

The leader of the federal official opposition is calling for immediate action against the Iranian regime, following Global News reports revealing the extent of the Islamic Republic’s interference in Canada.

Pierre Poilievre was in Vancouver on Monday, where he responded to a Global News investigation that found hundreds of regime members were living in the country.

Click to play video: 'You'll be shocked': How the Iranian regime threatens Canadians here at home.  »

“You will be shocked”: how the Iranian regime threatens Canadians here at home

“To think that we could have Iranian regime thugs linked to terrorism operating with impunity, spending stolen money and intimidating Canadian Jews and Iranians is appalling,” he said.

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Poilievre expressed his desire to get tougher on the Iranian regime, but said he was even surprised by the scale of the problem.

“This report was shocking,” he said.

British Columbia lawyer Ramin Joubin created a database tracking the number of regime insiders operating in Canada and threatening people who speak out against Iran.

“We currently have about 700 names who have either temporary residence, permanent residence or citizenship who are in Canada and who are in some way affiliated with the regime,” he said.

“They came to Canada knowing that this would be their refuge. »

Poilievre called the figure “staggering,” adding that the situation requires “immediate action to remove them from this country.”

Click to play video: “Canada bans IRGC officials, strengthens sanctions”

Canada bans IRGC officials, strengthens sanctions

World-renowned human rights activist Masih Alinejad, a longtime outspoken critic of the Iranian regime, has been moving from shelter to shelter since an alleged assassination attempt in July 2022.

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She said her life was in danger in the United States and potentially even more in danger in Canada.

“The FBI told me that the same group that was trying to kidnap me on American soil was the same group of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran that were trying to harass, kidnap and kill Canadians,” he said. she declared.

“The FBI told me that as long as you are in America, we will protect you. But we do not recommend going to Canada.

Click to play video: “North Vancouver man denied entry to US because of mandatory military service in Iran”

North Vancouver man denied entry to United States due to mandatory military service in Iran

Poilievre called the warning “mind-blowing.”

“Who would have thought eight years ago that our allies would think Canada is too dangerous a place to go,” he said.

The conservative leader said he wanted to see the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. listed as a terrorist entity in Canada.

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He also calls for more sanctions against Iran and the creation of a registry of foreign agents.

Global News contacted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office as well as four federal ministers, but none were available for comment for this story.

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