Opening day of county cricket: Lancs v Surrey, Kent v Somerset and more – live | County Championship

Key events

First fifty of the season…

…goes to new Glamorgan captain, Sam Northeast! Ten four, 51 balls.

Sam Northeast: raising his bat Photograph: Ryan Hiscott/Getty Images

Game abandoned for the day at Old Trafford

So the story begins.


“Good afternoon Tanya, good afternoon everyone! »

Em Jackson! Nice to hear from you.

“I’m sitting here in Tyneside, waiting for comments from Wearside and seeing gray clouds blowing north out my window. Hopefully this is good for the playing prospects at Chester-le-Street, if not for getting the laundry out once the spin cycle is finished.

“However, if I may take a break towards Division 2 and my other home county, Gloucestershire. I think they will soon change their nickname from “Glorious” to “Groundhog Day” given the rain once again affecting their start to the season (although this time in the Derbys.). If the drainage of the County Ground, Bristol, is why resettlement is vital to avoid loss of income, then sooner rather than later, please?! Even if it means my dream will die of owning one of these beautiful Ashley Down Rd. end apartments.

Still just the two wickets fell this morning – ul Hassan to Bamber (Glam running up to 92-1) and Libby at the stand Worcs 98-1. “Khushi and Elgar look in fine form at Trent Bridge (32-0)”.


Ooooh, it’s a pretty enticing line-up in Essex: Elgar, Khushi, Westley, Cox, Critchley, Walter. Currently 14-0 from three and a few overs.


Michael Booth has his first first-class wicket! Runaway Worcs lose a wicket, as Jake Libby overruns and is caught inside the rope. Worcestershire 77-1.


Other tarpaulins are pulled to Old Trafford to cover the elk. Now in the process of fixing. When I arrived this morning Lancashire were in the nets and I was instantly taken back to when I first started doing this job and if there was one person in the nets you could guarantee it would be Haseeb Hameed. Really happy to see he is captain of Notts this year, where his first decision was to decide to bowl after winning the toss at Trent Bridge. Play there imminently.


Your first wicket of the season: Ethan Bamber on the money for Middlesex, where Billy Root has already hit four fours from his 28 not out.

Ethan Bamber has the first wicket of the 2024 season

Exceeding the length and survey line is ultimately enough for Zain-ul-Hassan

– Vitality County Championship (@CountyChamp) April 5, 2024


In Hove, where there will be no play until lunch, Matt Prior gave new signing John Simpson his county cap this morning.

1️⃣5️⃣8️⃣ – John Simpson

Ahead of today’s season opener, County Championship captain @JohnSimpson_88 received his County Cap by @MattPrior13! 🧢

Congratulations, Simmo! 👏 #GOSBTS

– Sussex Cricket (@SussexCCC) April 5, 2024


And another email arrives with a thud. “Hello Tanya, this is Sarthak Chugh from Mumbai, India. I was waiting (a little too impatiently) for the County Championship to begin, but just like your country’s skies, my mood has been dampened by the continuous ‘The match has been delayed’ messages filling my phone.
I don’t want to brag, and it’s not a good feeling at all, but the weather in Mumbai is currently hovering on the 40 degree scale. It seems that we are here at very contrasting unplayable levels.
“After moaning about it, the first bowl is about to be played at Lord’s and my mood has improved considerably. I hope I didn’t ruin it. Anyway, a very good championship day to you and the team.

Well, thank you Sarthak! And feel free to participate in the chat below the line, new commenters are always welcome. At Old Trafford, the blankets are resolutely on, the flag is dancing merrily above the Hilton Hotel and a handful of loyal fans are sitting in the stands.


»Morning,” Hello Tom vc Gucht.! “I took the train to Leeds this morning before heading down to the Aire Valley to plant trees on rewilded farmland in memory of my father. My weather and geological knowledge suggests that the weather is muggy, overcast, windy, with a very high water table and generally saturated turf underfoot. Obviously the grounds staff probably have better drainage facilities than Kildwick Moors, but you get the picture. I hope the tree planting goes well, what a great idea.

I see Billy Root is opening for Glamorgan. No wickets lost yet at Lord’s: Glamorgan 16-0 against Bamber and Higgins.


Chris Rushworth swinging the bat at Edgbaston, while Ollie Hannon-Dalby struggled a little with his swing in the gusty winds. Worcs a heady 24-0 over three and a half overs.


Some news from Derby, where play was suspended at 10 a.m. In the words of the Reporters Network journalist, “the pitch is so wet after weeks of rain that the chances of the Division 2 match starting on time on the second day already seem slim.”


Play on two courses: Lord’s and Edgbaston

Where Middlesex won the toss and elected to bowl, as did Warwickshire at Edgbaston.

Freddie Lynch writes in “Welcome to the new season! The news from Edgbaston is particularly interesting – Sam Hain missing for personal reasons makes the Warwickshire XI much weaker. Without Woakes either, it could be a difficult start to the season for the Bears…” Jason Holder makes his Worcestershire debut.


Updated to

Live Stream Links

Thanks for the help Richard McKeary. All games will be covered by BBC Local Radio and links to livestreams either via the ECB or county websites.


Some emails have been deleted. Hello, Guy Hornsby:

“Unfortunately the sun in South Manchester is now hiding, but hopefully the drizzle will stop soon for us all. I’m taking my 6-year-old daughter to her first County Championship match today, although it Seems risky to see a cricket. We have a packed lunch, a cricket bat and ball, what more do you need!”

A lovely covered walkway just past the media center is ideal for playing cricket if the skies open up – I hope she enjoys it!

And hello Phil Withall! “Good to see you again! A new season, a new hope, a disappointing new weather situation. I hope there will be enough off-field content to keep you busy… If it’s any consolation, it’s also raining in the Queensland…” I’m about to go investigate the brownies….


Rain-related delays also in Canterbury and Trent Bridge

No play before lunch at Canterbury, TBC at Trent Bridge

which leaves us, I think, playing at Durham, Edgbaston, Lord’s and Headingley.


Inspection at 10:30 a.m. at Headingley. I feel particularly sorry for Gloucestershire, whose last season was ruined by rain, and who have already rained out Derby for the day and whose chances of hosting their first home game against Yorkshire next week already seem precarious.


Updated to

The Cricketer/Times’ Paul Edwards gave me a new season gift, a copy of Ben and Imo by Mark Ravenhill, which he considers a must-see in Stratford, if you live nearby. But that only lasts until tomorrow, so you don’t have much time. In return, I gave him a warm bun from the local Barbakan grocery store.


No play before lunch in Hove and day off in Derby

Wet, wet, wet….


No play before lunch at Old Trafford

I arrived at Old Trafford to find the blankets and no play until lunch.

The wet outfield at Old Trafford. Photograph: Mike Egerton/PA

Updated to

Schedule – Division Two

Derby: Derbyshire v Gloucestershire

Lord: Middlesex v Glamorgan

Hove: Sussex v Northamptonshire

Headingley: Yorkshire v Leicestershire


Schedule – Division One

Chester le Street: Durham v Hampshire

Canterbury: Kent v Somerset

Old Trafford: Lancashire v Surrey

Trent Bridge: Nottinghamshire v Essex

Edgbaston: Warwickshire v Worcestershire



Good morning! Welcome back to long-time friends and a warm hello to all the new ones who pop their heads through the door and want to follow the County Championship throughout this season.

Today, everything seems possible. Gloucestershire could be promoted; Kent could steal the pennant from under the noses of well-funded south London. For now, a glass raised to new beginnings, to old dogs, to stars born and friends made. I’ll be at Old Trafford soon – the sky is… sullen.


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