Saskatchewan Legislature Resumes Amid Questions Surrounding Israel-Hamas Conflict

The Saskatchewan legislature is back in session after calls for a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel disrupted question period Monday.

Lawmakers left the room after protesters refused to stop chanting, bringing the meeting to an abrupt halt.

Prime Minister Scott Moe said that despite the protests, his government remained firm in its stance of support for Israel.

“We had a ceasefire until a terrorist organization – Hamas – invaded Israel and killed more than 1,000 people, many of whom were citizens of other countries, including seven from this country,” he said. Moe said.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been discussed for decades, but it recently began on October 7, when Hamas militants killed 1,200 people in a surprise attack on Israel, according to Israeli officials.

Israel responded with airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, killing thousands, according to the Hamas-run Gaza health authority.

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Throughout question period on Tuesday, Moe accused an NDP MP of promoting extremist ideologies and helping to organize the protests.

During Monday’s ceasefire chants at the legislature, Saskatoon MP Jennifer Bowes stood in solidarity and used words like “genocide” in her opening speech.

“The first question we ask of the Leader of the Opposition is to be very direct and frank with the people of Saskatchewan,” Moe said. “Is she satisfied that none of her members were involved in what essentially amounts to a government shutdown for the first time in the history of the province.”

Opposition Leader Carla Beck said no member of her caucus was involved in orchestrating the protest.

“Some of our members met people as they entered the building, but no NDP or opposition MPs played any role in organizing this event,” Beck said.

Throughout the protest, there were numerous calls for the Israeli flag hanging above the rotunda to be removed. Moe says he’ll stay there.

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