Can you relate the author to their pet? Try our quiz for literary animal lovers | Books

Nina Stibbe
Stibbe’s first book dates from 2013 Love, Nina, about her time as a nanny in the heart of literary London. His later novels include The man at the helm And Reasons to be joyfulwinner of the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Award and the Comedy Women in Print Award.

Max Porter
Former bookseller and publisher turned author of experimental short stories, Porter’s 2023 book, Shy, was a #1 bestseller. He won the Dylan Thomas International Award for 2015 Grief is the thing with feathersand was shortlisted by Booker for 2019 Lanny.

Antoine Joseph
The Anglo-Trinidadian poet, musician and academic won this year’s TS Eliot Prize and OCM Bocas Poetry Prize for his latest collection, Sonnets for Albert. He has also published three novels and released eight acclaimed albums.

Sarah Perry
Author of three famous Gothic-influenced novels, Perry’s The Essex snake was adapted by Apple TV last year. This summer she became chancellor of the University of Essex. His new novel, Clarificationa story of love and astronomy, will be published next May.

MG Leonard
MG Leonard’s imaginative books for older children have been translated into more than 40 languages. His series include Adventures on Trains and The Twitchers, as well as a standalone novel, The Ice Peoplewas released in November.

Helen Macdonald
Naturalist and researcher, Helen Macdonald’s work includes that of 2014 H is for Hawkwinner of the Samuel Johnson Prize for Nonfiction, and 2020 Flights {0}. This summer, Macdonald released the sci-fi thriller Prophetco-written with the American writer Sin Blaché.

Etgar Keret
Known for his dazzling short stories, graphic novels, and film and television writing, Keret was born in Tel Aviv, where he still lives and works as a university professor. His numerous awards include the Medallion Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters of France.

  1. 1.Whose bird brothers are these? Green-cheeked conures Bucky and Uwu are “rambunctious, libidinous and curious.”

  2. 2.Whose dogs are these? Ruby Dearheart (left) is described as “too beautiful for her own good and tending towards solitude”, while Janey Morris is “formidable and frail, like a dowager duchess”.

    Two dogs on a sofa with a toy snake

  3. 3.Who owns these “crazy, flying and somewhat combative” beetles? The large black beetle, Baxter, is a rhinoceros beetle – Chalcosoma caucasus – and the others are rainbow beetles – Phalacrognathus muelleri – called Hector, Motticilla, Joey Ramone, Nancy and Bez.

    Beetles on a Croc shoe

  4. 4.Whose trained dog is this? Peggy, a fan of the London Review of Books, is a “loving, idealistic and insightful” cockerpoo.

    A dog in front of a cafe with its paw on a copy of the London Review of Books

  5. 5.Who owns Hanzo, the studious, lion-headed rabbit who is “kind and gentle – a muse”?

    A pet rabbit sniffing out a book with Hebrew writing on the cover

  6. 6.Whose cat is this suspicious? Nara is an “independent and loyal late-night writing companion”, but “can be vicious”.

    A cat hiding under a chair, with a copy of Edward Brathwaite's Islands nearby

  7. 7.Whose art-loving dog is this? Goldendoodle Happy is “affectionate, needy, quirky, and overthinking.”

    A woolly dog ​​posing with an art print in a frame

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