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Caroline Lucas (Green) claims the UK government is complicit in the horrors of Gaza until it calls for a ceasefire. These are not his words, but those of the director of Oxfam. What will it take for the Prime Minister to support a permanent bilateral ceasefire?

Sunak says a ceasefire would be the best way forward. But Hamas would have to agree to release the hostages, that it would no longer be responsible for Gaza and that the Palestinian Authority would take over in Gaza.

Dean Russell (Con) says he had a heart attack six months ago, but recovered. He invites the Prime Minister to join him in thanking everyone who helped him recover.

Sunak thanks Russell for sharing his story and says he’s glad to have recovered.

Stephen Flynn, the SNP leader in Westminster, asks Sunak if he understands the anger people feel towards the government.

Sunak claims that average workers pay more tax in Scotland than in England.

Flynn claims that conservatives seek to weaponize some of the most vulnerable people in society. Sunak will soon be removed from office. Does he really want this to be his legacy?

Sunak believes that it is not fair to allow asylum seekers to unfairly skip the queue.

Mary Miller (Con) calls on Sunak to ban non-disclosure agreements in all exit agreements. They were used to silence Post Office Horizon victims, she said.

Sunak says the Justice Department is looking into the matter.

Star said if Sunak stuck to his beliefs he would vote with Labor on the Rwanda plan. He cites what Danny Kruger said about the Tories leaving the UK “a sadder place”. He said if Sunak’s MPs don’t believe in their record, why should the public?

Sunak says his plan offers a better future for Britain.

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Star says that conservatives are in open revolt against each other and against Rwanda. Is it any wonder that they revolt when the Prime Minister does not believe in the policy?

Sunak says it will be a new thing for Starmer that people can believe in something and stick to it. Just this week there was another example, he said. Starmer supported banning Hizb ut-Tahrir, he says. But he says that in the past Starmer, as a lawyer, worked to prevent them being banned.

Star says Sunak doesn’t know where they are. But we know where they are not: Rwanda. The only people who go there are ministers. And he says Sunak doesn’t even support Rwandan politics. The conservatives in this area are hundreds of bald people fighting for a comb. Wouldn’t Sunak have wanted to stay true to his positions?

Sunak cites experts as saying it is the strongest piece of legislation ever passed in this area. A former Supreme Court justice says it will work. But Starmer is only interested in left-wing lawyers. It produces a book written by Starmer, claiming it is called European Human Rights Act.

Mr Lindsay HoyleSpeaker, says MPs should not use “props” in the House.

Star says spending £400 million on a removals problem that doesn’t remove anyone is not a plan. It’s a joke. He asks the question again; where are the missing people?

Sunak list the things that are happening: more searches, more bank accounts blocked (both using powers Labor opposes), record numbers of people sent back. It’s a plan that works. The number of people arriving in the UK has fallen by a third. And it’s a bit rich to hear Starmer say he would stop the boats. Starmer has “no values, no beliefs and no plans”. It’s back to square one, he said.

Star said he wondered how the government could lose so many people. But then he remembered how bad their record was. They lost people they wanted to expel. So where are they?

Sunak says the government has sent back 20,000 people. It’s important to have a deterrent, he said. And he says Starmer doesn’t care about solving the problem. He claims Starmer told the BBC he would cancel the Rwandan plan even if it worked.

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Keir Starmer also sends best wishes to McCartney and his father.

And he says all MPs will want to send their sympathies to the family of Two-year-old found starved to death in Skegness.

He asks if the government has found the 4,250 fleeing asylum seekers.

Sunak says the government’s plan is working.

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Jason McCarney (Con) says his father has joined the list of people in his constituency who have been diagnosed with dementia. He is calling on the government to do more to solve the problem.

Sunak expresses sympathy and says funding for dementia research is doubled.

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