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Key events

32 minutes Evans replaces Rivière.

32 minutes I am wrong. Pattison elbowed Rivière from behind, but she must have twisted something too, because she was going to leave.

30 minutes Rivière suffers a leg problem following a harmless tackle with Pattinson, but I think she will be fine.

Updated to

28 minutes United once again managed to do well – I complained that they were slow at the start, but there is a decent pace to their game now, but not quite the quality to create a second goal.

26 minutes Toone to Geyse who sends a low pass back into the mixer, but none of his comrades find a shooting lane. So far, she is by far the best player on the court.

24 minutes Brighton is improving and take a look! Lee throws a smart pass over the top and Terland is on top, behind and takes a shot that Earps does very well to make.

22 minutes Brighton win a corner on the left which Turner clears away, and after United Regina has possession on a throw, Garcia brings the ball back.

20 mins Skinner will be pleased with the way his team started the match. They have put Brighton up from the first whistle, and although they are desperate for another goal to confirm their superiority against a team capable of hurting them, it seems imminent.

18 minutes United have lost three times this season – against City, Chelsea and Liverpool – meaning they still need a decent team to stop them. And Brighton don’t look capable at the moment, with Thorisodttir launching a header to deflect Toone’s cross after good work from Zelem. The resulting corner comes to nothing.

16 minutes The corner is short, Geyse towards Zelem, and finally Toone crosses, Brighton clearing well this time. But they concede a throw in the process, and United quickly get back at them.

14 minutes Better from Brighton, Robinson comes down the right and sticks a decent low cross into the box, but United defend it quite well then come down the other end where Geyse again shows some nice feet winning a corner.

13 minutes Our commentator apologizes for the foul language we can hear from the crowd, but I’m afraid it’s not enough. I am mortally offended and as such will not watch this or any other football again.

12 minutes Garcia sends a decent low pass into the box for Parris, behind the struggling Pattinson, but a poor first touch clears the striker and eventually Rivière hashes a cross. Brighton can’t get out, and if this continues United will surely score a second.

11 minutes the goal is Parris’ 11th of the league season, and it’s a pretty decent return. She now plays in the middle with Geyse out wide, although I’m sure Skinner will want them to swap.

AIM! Manchester United 1-0 Brighton (Parris 10)

Brighton can’t clear their lines from the corner, scored by United, and when the ball goes wide to Geyse, she rolls studs onto it, evades Sarri and plays with Pattinson on the outside, cutting a cut-back for Parris which ends with insistence. from eight meters.

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9 minutes Zelem’s cross is good, headed clearly just as Turner looks ready to apply the front to the ball. United, however, maintain the attack…

8 minutes Zelem crosses low and when the ball comes out, Toone returns a decent cross, earning another corner.

7 minutes But it’s better, Toone moves away towards Naalsund then moves away towards Geyse, on the right, and she wins a corner.

6 minutes As Suzy noted in her article below, Brighton haven’t been that bad this season – they’re more of a developing team who need time and patience – and Emma Hayes was impressed with their defeat 3-0 against Chelsea last season. They haven’t started as a relegation-threatened team, even though United are moving the ball too slowly to tax them.

5 minutes Robinson runs towards Le Tissier who, widely deployed, manages the situation quite easily.

4 minutes On Earps, I wonder how long she will stay at United. She probably would have left this summer if that had been possible and seeing the team back down wouldn’t have encouraged her to stay. But with Ineos now involved, we hope the money will be there to augment the squad with players of similar caliber.

3 minutes United dominate territory, pushing Brighton back, before a long clearance allows Blundell to cut back for Earps.

1 minute I have to say, I haven’t been able to get coverage on my main computer, so I have a much smaller laptop screen – but fear not, you’ll have your fix.

1 minute The teams get down on their knees and let’s go!

Here are our teams!

United’s problem I think it’s that they’re counting on talented players, who haven’t really succeeded elsewhere, to explode – Geyse and Parris in particular. Both are doing quite well, but they are replacing stars whose losses are still being felt.

Suzy Wrack has the truth on the difficulties of Brighton.

And does it feel good to see Vivianne Miedema again? I’m not sure there’s a more perceptive passer in the game, and with Beth Mead now installed, Arsenal are right in the title race, three points behind leaders Chelsea and behind second-placed Man City, with the difference of goals.

It also happens:

Joy Department: a brilliant version of a wonderful tune.

Harris makes two changes to his first Brighton XI: Lee and Terland come on – they will play up front – with Pinto leaving midfield and the injured Bremer missing from the right wing. From the looks of it, there was also a formation change, from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2, but we’ll see.

United are unchanged after last weekend’s win over Villa, meaning there’s still no place in the XI for one of last season’s heroines, Leah Galton.

I am encountering some technical difficulties, but hopefully we’ll be good at coverage once we get a little closer to kickoff.

The teams !

Manchester United (4-2-3-1): Headsets ; River, Le Tissier, Turner, Blundell; Naalsund, Zelem; Parris, Toone, Garcia; Geyse. Submarines: Guerrero, Malard, Galton, Ladd, Evans, Williams, Aherne, Tullis-Joyce.

Brighton (4-4-2): Baggaley; Kullberg, Bergsvand, Thorisdottir, Pattinson; Robinson, Olme, Losada, Sarri; Lee, Terland. Submarines: Carabali, Pinto, Symonds, Mengwen, Loeck, Sartup, Dent.

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There have been happier games. After a tremendous effort last season, finishing runners-up in the WSL and FA Cup, Manchester United struggled, exiting the Champions League in the qualifiers and the Conti Cup in peculiar circumstances, while also doing poorly. start of the league campaign. . As such, manager Marc Skinner is under pressure.

Brighton, meanwhile, are also having a poor season and on Friday the board took action. By early afternoon Melissa Phillips carried out her usual pre-match press conference duties, by early evening she had been sacked and by Saturday lunchtime Mikey Harris had been installed in her place, the fifth manager of the club in 16 months.

All this means a fascinating afternoon for us, immersed in misery and potential misery. United should win – yes, they’ve been worse but no, they haven’t been terrible, and no team could cope with the loss, in two years, of Lauren James, Ona Batlle and Alessia Russo. But Brighton have a good, young team and, when the sides met earlier in November, they led twice before an injury-time equalizer snatched a draw for United. They will want to get something here, and United, with one win and three defeats in their last four league matches, could well give them that.

Kick-off: 12 p.m. GMT

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