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Sunak resists calls to return Frank Hester’s money despite saying Tory donor Diane Abbott’s comments were racist

Keir Starmer begins with a tribute to Tommy McAvoy, the late former Labor whip. And he congratulates Theresa May for serving the Commons “with a real sense of duty”.

Is the Prime Minister proud to be funded by someone who says Diane Abbottt “makes you want to hate all black women”.

Sunak said the comments were wrong and racist, and Frank Hester expressed remorse.

UPDATE: Star said:

Is the Prime Minister proud to be funded by someone who uses racist and misogynistic language when he says the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington (Diane Abbott) “makes you want to hate all black women?”

And Sunak replied :

The alleged comments were wrong, they were racist, he rightly apologized for them and this remorse must be accepted.

There is no place for racism in Britain, and the government I lead is living proof.


Updated to

Key events

Diana Abbott was trying to “get the speaker’s attention” during PM. She was not on the list to ask a question, but the Speaker, Sir Lindsay Houle, regularly answers questions from MPs who are not on the list, and many X commentators criticize him for this.

These come from Adam Payne at PoliticsHome.

MPs appear confused by Lindsay Hoyle’s decision not to call Diane Abbott for a question

-Adam Payne (@adampayne26) March 13, 2024

MPs appear confused by Lindsay Hoyle’s decision not to call Diane Abbott for a question

Abbott was visibly frustrated at not receiving a question. Starmer and Flynn went to speak to him after PMQs ended.


When Lee Anderson defected to Reform UK on Monday, he said what persuaded him to join another party was George Galloway’s victory in the Rochdale by-election. But now they sit side by side on the opposition benches.


Marc François (Con) asks Sunak to assure him he is not making the same mistake Neville Chamberlain made in the 1930s, when defense spending was restricted until it was too late.

Sunak tells Francis that he agrees with what he is arguing.

The world we live in is becoming both more difficult, strategically and more dangerous. And in response to these challenges. We must invest more in our armed forces.

And that’s the end of family housing.


Rachel Maskell (Lab) asks questions about the situation in Gaza. The Prime Minister’s plan is not working. Will he change course and push for a bilateral ceasefire?

Sunak says the government is incredibly concerned about the situation in Gaza. The UK plays a leading role in aid, he says.


Natalie Elphicke (Con) asks about the hold-ups in Dover. Are funds available to keep the harbor clear?

Sunak says this is being discussed at the highest level of government, with French and European counterparts.


Sarah Olney (Lib Dem) asks if Sunak thinks Thames Water will still exist by the end of the year.

Sunak said it would not be fair to comment on a company’s financial situation.


Mr Edward Leigh (Con) asks if Sunak agrees that the Conservatives are the only party that will block mass, illegal migration.

Sunak agrees. He says Labor claims it would block Rwanda’s policy even if it worked.


Patrick Grady (SNP) says conservatives are calling the European Court of Human Rights foreign. But the United Kingdom has been part of it since its creation, it has an Irish president and a British judge. How is this foreign?

Sunak reiterates its argument that a foreign court should not be allowed to block flights to Rwanda.


Sunak says he won’t return Frank Hester’s £15,000 donation covering cost of helicopter flight

Marquise of Cordoba (Lab) says that last year Sunak accepted a non-cash donation of £15,000 from Frank Hester for the use of a helicopter. Will he repay this?

Not said Sunak. He says Hester supports a party with a diverse cabinet and Britain’s first Asian prime minister.


Sir Christophe Chope (Con) demands compensation for the Covid vaccine.

Sunak says the government is looking into this issue.


Liz Saville Roberts, Westminster’s Plaid Cymru, says the new Nye coin celebrates the sharp rise in life expectancy that followed the creation of the NHS. But life expectancy is now falling, she says.

Sunak says Wales’ NHS has the worst record of any country in the UK.


Dame Andrea Jenkyns (Con) says that instead of paying migrants to go to Rwanda, the UK should leave the ECHR and “deport them for free”. Will the Prime Minister at least put this in the Conservative manifesto?

Sunak says he will not let a foreign court block the UK’s ability to deport people to Rwanda.


Ed DaveyLib Dem leader, is calling for a revamp of children’s cancer care services affecting his constituents and others in south west London, Surrey and Sussex.

Sunak says these are operational decisions for the NHS.


Sunak says he hopes to pass the law exempting post office operators before the summer break. And compensation will be paid on the same basis to victims across the UK.


Stephen Flynnthe SNP leader at Westminster, claims the Tories took money from someone who said an MP should be shot.

Sunak said the gentleman apologized.

Flynn said he apologized for being rude. He pursues :

He wasn’t rude. He was racist. He was obnoxious and downright dangerous.

He suggests that the extremism the government should be tackling is within the Conservative Party.

Sunak said Flynn should wait and see what the statement says about extremism.


Star says it’s like Liz Truss again. All we need is another lettuce, he says.

Sunak say pensions rise by £900. The triple lock rises. The government is investing in the NHS. And all Starmer has offered is a £28 billion unfunded spending commitment on energy.

So under Labor, taxes are going up, he says.

UPDATE: Star said:

I listened to the Chancellor: £46 billion of unfunded commitments… They tried that under the last administration and everyone is paying the price.

But two weeks ago, the Prime Minister promised to crack down on those who spread hatred. Today he backed down from the first challenge. Last week he promised fancy tax cuts, now he claims it can all be paid for with no impact on pensions or the NHS.

All we need now is some particularly resilient lettuce and that could be the case again in 2022. Is it any wonder he’s too scared to call an election when the public can see that the only way to protect your country, your pension and your NHS from the madness of this Tory party is to vote Labour?

And Sunak replied :

All we have from him is a promise of £28 billion, unfunded. I took a look at it.

Pulling out a pamphlet from under his notes folder and tapping it, Sunak added:

It’s here, it’s all there to ‘make Britain a clean energy superpower’, he’s always stuck to it and if you look at it closely there’s billions in spending he has already committed to Scotland, billions to Wales, there is actually money. for North London too I noticed it, but the problem is none of this is funded. So why doesn’t he tell them clearly that, as part of his plans, British taxes will increase?


Updated to

Star says Labor will not commit to Sunak’s unfunded £46bn tax cuts.

He says Sunak should cut NHS spending or raise taxes to implement his NIC policy.

Sunak says Starmer admitted he was opposed to the Tories’ plan to cut national insurance.


Star says Sunak describes a Labor Party that no longer exists.

He says Sunak will not comment on the fact that someone who secured huge NHS contracts is now the Tories’ biggest donor.

National Insurance contributions fund pensions and the NHS. Will the promise to get rid of NICs be funded by pension cuts or by cuts to the NHS?

Sunak says he is happy the budget has been presented, as the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury said Labor would not stick to the Tories’ spending plans. He says Labour’s plans will result in higher taxes for Britons.


Star says he has changed parties, while Sunak is afraid of his.

He says Sunak recently invited himself into everyone’s living room to speak out against extremism. But he was speechless when Hester’s comments were reported. He suggests that Hester’s donations were linked to the NHS contracts he received.

Sunak says he will not accept lessons from someone who supported Jeremy Corbyn, who he says supported extremists.


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